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Puma Court.

Formerly known as Red Lion Court. One of the most noteable buildings in the alley is the Norton Folgate Alms Houses  built in 1860.

Garrison Street, Birmingham.

This is Garrison Street, Birmingham. I was attracted by the curve of the bridge over the road, and the industrial landscape further along the road. I’m always drawn to this type of picture, I waited for a figure to cross the frame in the right place. As it turned out it was a postman on his rounds…I should say I waited nearly an hour for the right figure, patience is definitely a virtue in photography…

Low tide..

So this is what I mean, I was in Leigh on Sea, Essex today and as you can see the tide was well and truly out. Even though there were quite a few people in the pubs and streets when I looked out over the mud flats with their intricate channels of water I felt I was the only person there…

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