top of page some have requested here's a look at my second Tony Bennett picture that I mentioned yesterday. It's a rough work print I'll be scanning the original transparency for the finished print...

Tony Bennett

I was very sad today to hear the news that the American singer Tony Bennett has died, not only was he an enormous talent but he was a true gentleman.   I had the great privilege of photographing him in Monaco when he was receiving an award. As happens on these occasions his record company invited a photographer and writer from some of Europes major magazines to attend. The formula was that the writers got 30 of 40 minutes for their interview and the photographer got five or so minutes to get their picture.    When it came to my five minutes I took him onto the small balcony of his hotel suite to shoot this portrait, the photograph made a double page spread  in The Mail on Sundays ‘YOU’ magazine. We hit it off straight away, as an artist himself he understood the power of the still image, and when I suggested more photography situations he was happy to oblige. Even when I suggest photographing him alone on the beach with his paints and canvas the next morning at 6am he was happy to do so, my five minutes turned into three days and produced many photographs and memories.   Rest in peace Tony and thank you.

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Walthamstow & District Photographic Society , great East London club, have asked me to judge an internal competition entitled 'Portraits' on Monday 13th June. I know from past experience that the standard will be high and it's going to be a difficult job, however I'm really looking forward to seeing their members work and choosing the winners.

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