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Tuesday September 13th 2022

This was a great evening even if I do say so myself ! Seventy plus people turned up enjoying our pictures and the stories that go with them, and they had some great questions as well. Looking forward to the next one ! 

The Wanstead Fringe begins next month with lots of local events, book recitals, plays etc going on. Together with another photographer, Stefan Rouseau we are giving a talk about our work and the story behind our images, I have put the details below and also there is a link below to book tickets.


Wanstead fringe 2022


Tuesday September 13th 7pm till 9pm


Wanstead and Snaresbrook Cricket Club

Overton Drive Wanstead

LondonE11 2LW


*There is a bar at the Cricket Club for refreshments.


“The Golden Years” and “From Blair to Boris"


Photojournalists Geoff Wilkinson and Stefan Rousseau will be showing their pictures taken from around the world for newspapers and magazines and talking about the stories behind them. Geoff has photographed for numerous magazines including YOU magazine at the Mail on Sunday and IN STYLE and PEOPLE magazines in America plus newspapers both in this country and abroad. Stefan is the Chief Political Photographer for The Press Association covering the Westminster scene and the prime minister. He is one of the busiest photographers in the UK and his work is published daily both in national and international newspapers and magazines.

Both are world travelled award winning photographers who will give you a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes and of what it takes to produce the pictures you see every day in the media.

Geoff says: “This is the third in our series of talks during the Wanstead Fringe, you may have seen us before but this time we have included many new pictures and stories plus of course some old favourites.”

Tickets are going fast! 

Tuesday 14th June 2022

Thank you!


Geoff, a big Thank You for judging our Albert Bale portrait competition , last night. You were a breath of fresh air compared to the last judge we had who wanted to crop almost every image! You were a very popular judge with the assembled members and many positive comments were made about your style and manner of presentation.


Thank you very much on behalf of the W&DPS


John Cross


W&DPS Competition Secretary






With my background of portraiture working for YOU Magazine and TIME LIFE's PEOPLE Magazine, Walthamstow and District Photographic Society have kindly asked me to judge an internal competition with the theme  "Portraiture".

I am looking forward to this very much as I know from previous visits the standard of photography at this Club is very high.


March 2019


Earlier this month I spoke at Potters Bar Photographic Society showing a selection of photographs from my magazine and newspaper day. They meet on Monday evening at The Wyllyotts Centre, Potters Bar and they are a most friendly and hospitable club. The pictures I showed ranged from an assignment I did for The Sunday Mirror in Baalbek, Lebanon about the drug trade, portraits I did for YOU magazine and PEOPLE magazine and finally some of my personal work that has been on show at ‘eightyfour’, my gallery in Wanstead, London.

If you live in Hertfordshire or surrounding area and are interested in photography do check out their website and consider a visit to Potters Barr & District Photographic Society.


“Dear Geoff


Thank you so much for coming back to see us again last night.

It was great to see some more famous faces that you had photographed in the past but

especially good to see some of your latest work taken in and around your own stamping ground.

As Colin said, it was not just the pictures but your own unique style of delivery and the wealth of stories that was so appealing.

If I was on a long train journey, you would be the man I would want to sit next to!


With kind regards


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